Cooking on a Dime

Creating delicious meals in South Jersey on a budget just got easier with these simple how-to's of the kitchen.

About Rachel Alderman & Cooking on a Dime January 26, 2012

After what I would consider a rather exciting 21 years of existence, I realized I don’t possess a single skill in the kitchen. My expert dishes range from boxed macaroni and cheese, to frozen pizza, to grilled cheese. On the other hand, baking is something I’m not only good at, but actually love doing. My sister went to culinary school and now works as a cake decorator. She certainly knows her way around the kitchen whereas I only know one direction.

I live at home with my parents as I continue my education at Rowan University. I also work full time at my local Walgreens. Taking over the kitchen and trying my hand at gourmet meals never really crossed my mind when my arrival home from class or work usually started with, “What’s for dinner?” But now as I start to get older and my graduation date looms closer, so does the idea of moving out of my childhood home of 16 years and trying to make it on my own. I won’t last long if I can’t produce sufficient meals that are nutritious, but most importantly, delicious.

When my Online Journalism class required a blog, I knew this was my opportunity to finally dive into the kitchen and the cookbooks. Like most college students, I know how easy and tempting it is to drive by a fast food restaurant and order off of the dollar menu for a quick and easy meal. I want to show other college students that it is possible to cook delicious meals on a budget that will serve 2-4 people (and possibly have some leftovers for lunch the next day). I will explore old cookbooks, raid my mothers pantry, shop the grocery stores, and prepare meals each week that will hopefully rock my family’s taste buds and help other first time cookers work up the courage to do the same.


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